вторник, 17 июля 2012 г.

IATF members contributing to the ISO/TS 16949

По-прежнему среди членов IATF, продвигающих ISO/TS 16949, нет российских организаций.
Официальные органы сертификации 

Точно так же, как и органов, аккредитованных IATF для сертификации.

IATF Members - ISO/TS 16949 Standard

The following companies and associations comprise the governing body of the IATF. The IATF is the organization which has established the standards and guidelines for ISO ISO/TS 16949.

Vehicle Manufacturers Trade Associations

Vehicle ManufacturersTrade Associations
Daimler ChryslerANFIA (Italy)
FiatFIEV (France)
FordSMMT (U.K.)
General MotorsVDA (Germany)
PSA Peugeot-Citroen
Renault SA
The International Automotive Oversight Bureau (IAOB) is an IATF oversight office. Among its functions is the implementation and management of the registration scheme. For additional detail on ISO/TS 16949, including descriptions of the organizations involved, reference materials on the technical specification, communications from OEM’s, training information, and a listing of recognized certification bodies, visit the IAOB web site at www.iatfglobaloversight.org.